Available extensions


Draw.io is a free online drawing service that allows you to save your drawing locally or in many cloud providers. Quickly assemble your figure with bioicons, add text and other shapes and export them to a variety of formats. Zero cost and preserves privacy. No registration required. Collaborative editing available.

Select Bioicon categories

Depending on how many categories you select it might take 1 minute for the icons to be displayed.

Inkscape (beta)

Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor. It is used to create and edit vector graphics. Bioicons are available within the Inkscape Import Clipart extension. The Inkscape Import Clipart extension is currently undergoing work to be merged into the core. Support the developers here.

Inkscape extension

Installation instructions (Inkscape 1.1+)

Note that the package currently only works on Linux.

Select Extensions in toolbar

Inkscape Toolbar

Navigate to Manage Extensions

Extensions menu

Switch to Install Packages tab and select Import Clipart Extension

Inkscape Extension Manager dialog

Click on Install Package

Install package

Bioicons can now be inserted using Extensions ImportInternet Resource

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